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Infrared Thermometer (Blunt Bird DN-997)

Infrared Thermometer (Blunt Bird DN-997)

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High Accuracy. Laser gun Thermometer highly uses in Office, Home, Industry & Factory. 

Key Features:

  • Memory Recall – 32 logs
  • Measuring unit: Optional for Celsius (℃ ) / Fahrenheit (℉ )
  • Auto shutdown
  • Packaging Details: box Packaging
  • Forehead Measurement - Effective range 5 - 15 cm Fast & Accurate Measurement - 0.5 Sec
  • Backlit Display with big LCD screen
  • Fever Alarm

Measurement – Fast and accurate measurement in 0.5 second
Multiple functions - Not only can measure body temperature but also can measure the temperature of the surface, room, bath water, food, baby milk, etc. with clock function.

Product Description
Non-Contact Infrared LCD Thermometer Gun is safe and easy to use the product. It is made of non-toxic material. This thermometer is using a high precision infrared sensor so that the measurement speed of this thermometer is fast and accurate.  This product can be used to measure body temperature and also object temperature include the surrounding temperature and the measuring unit can set to whether Celsius and Fahrenheit. It is also built with a fever alarm that can notice user whether they is fever or not. The sound of this thermometer also can be off so that it
would not disturb the baby when they are sleeping.

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